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Our Purpose

Our Purpose

At Boys to Men Tucson, we approach our mission with humility and authenticity, driven by a vision for a future that radically redefines societal views on masculinity. We are committed to creating a world where masculine-identified people of all genders can express themselves fully and freely, and where boys and masculine-identified youth have equitable access to safe, trusted, and healthy role models.

Through a lens of social justice and diversity, equity, and inclusion, we actively work to dismantle the oppressive structures of patriarchy, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and all forms of systemic power. Our goal is to eradicate violence toward marginalized communities and replace harmful systems and policies with frameworks that are supportive and nurturing.

We are Committed to Developing and Sustaining

A community of men who listen, encourage, and believe in our youth.
A community of men who model integrity, accountability, vulnerability, compassion, and respect.
A community of men that includes adults who look like them, come from similar places, and have experienced similar things.
A community where boys and masculine-identified youth are empowered to live in and speak their truth. 
A community where boys and masculine-identified youth are encouraged to honor boundaries and to take responsibility for their choices.
A community where boys and masculine-identified youth feel supported, listened to, and valued.
A community where ALL masculine-identified folks relate over experiencing similar challenges, and where they learn they are not alone in their struggles.
Communities that are free of violence and harm caused by outdated, stereotypical masculinity norms

....And with this, we are IN! In community, in service, and in solidarity.

Together, we are building a healthier, brighter future for all masculine-identified youth

Our Impact in 2023

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Thank you to our Circle of Support