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What We Do


Our core work addresses the root causes of oppression and violence caused by toxic and patriarchal masculinity norms.  We target practices and systems that naturalize and incentivize these harmful norms and replace them with healthy frameworks and approaches that nurture critical consciousness, culture, relationality, connection, authenticity, support and overall well-being.

Primarily, we support communities to host regular group mentoring circles between adult mentor's and male/masculine-identified youth.  These community-based circles span throughout Pima County, in middle and high schools across 5 school districts, community centers, youth re-engagement centers and the juvenile detention center. These group mentoring circles provide safe, nurturing spaces for youth to develop healthy masculinity traits that will make a huge impact in their lives, their families and their communities.  We do not do the work....they do! 

To provide the youth we serve with extended opportunities to practice a deeper reflection about their identities, goals, and purpose in life, we host and/or partner with other community-based youth serving organizations to provide wrap around services and weekend adventure outings. 


Our Impact in 2023

  • Youth Served


  • Mentors Trained


  • Number of Mentoring Hours Available for Youth