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Who We Are

Core Values

Boys to Men Tucson recognizes the harmful effects of toxic masculinity and patriarchy on all genders. These impacts manifest in various ways, including violence as a normalized use of power, a rigid adherence to the gender binary, the relentless pressure to provide financially by any means necessary, and the objectification of women.

Our programming is designed with these pressures in mind. We explicitly identify and address them, offering alternative, healthier ways to embody masculinity. We are committed to actively challenging  outdated, stereotypical patriarchal norms that impede our growth and evolution as a community of learners dedicated to healing, both interpersonally and collectively.

We understand that our community is the backbone of our work, and we pledge to continue deepening our knowledge, skills, resources, and programmatic support for masculine-identified youth of all genders. Together, we can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for everyone.


We contribute to a culture of personal and shared accountability. We seek to understand the impacts of harm and ways to respond to it that center love and healing.


Our work centers Pima County communities with the hope of building strong, interdependent relationships. In a larger society that values independence, we know that leaning into community in all aspects of decision-making and operations is essential for the support of the youth that we serve.


Staff and mentors model vulnerability and courage in talking circles, adventure outings, and other initiatives. We hope to provide learning and development for youth and their families to grow together while honoring that growth looks different for every individual. 

Equity (inclusivity, anti-racism)

We recognize that many of the harms that youth face are a direct result of systematic oppression. We pledge ourselves to learning about the impacts of systematic oppression and to doing our best to practice liberation in the spaces that we facilitate.

Healthy Masculinity

Through reflection and activities, we encourage the undoing of society’s standards around boyhood, manhood, and masculinity. We bring intention to accepting and celebrating the fullness of all of our participants’ humanity by exploring mentally, physically, and emotionally safe and balanced masculinity.


We insist on joy. We incorporate fun into the foundation of our relationships and our work. We laugh, celebrate, tell stories, and play as a core part of our programs with the youth and the mentors. 


Our Impact in 2023

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