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Become a Mentor

When men practice showing up for the boys in this community, we all benefit. We all see it's importance, but we need all men to take personal responsibility for this critical work.

If you are a man or masculine-identified, the youth in this community need you. You have a story and experiences, you have courage and love, you have wisdom and heart. The youth in this community would greatly benefit from those investments from you.

Because we always do group mentorship, there’s not a lot of pressure on any one person. In order to get involved, sign-up to attend one of our mentor facilitation training sessions. 

Universally, men sign up to be mentors in order to give back for various reasons, but later report that spending the regular time doing this work has transformed their own lives. 

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Why Mentor?

•Boys develop into men partly because of the  men who enter, guide and shape their lives

•Many boys in our community do not have  fathers, male role models or men who SHOW UP to fill the gaps in their lives

•Help boys and masculine-identified youth navigate the challenges of adolescence and prepare them for a successful and fulfilling adulthood

•Help shape violence free communities, specifically decreasing violence against women and children

•Create pathways to improved mental and physical health, academic achievement and school to prison pipeline disruption

       “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”   Frederick Douglass

What is the Role of a Mentor?

•Models Healthy Masculinity

•Facilitates, with a partner, weekly talking circles (1 time per week for 1 hour)

•Shows up consistently

•Share your truth, be vulnerable and model accountability

•Listens encourages, accepts- but DOES NOT - Fix, rescue, advise or project

Our Impact in 2023

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