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What We Do

Healthy Masculinity Group Based Mentoring

Our site-based Healthy Masculinity Group Mentorship program offers a flexible, high-impact way to transform communities through regular engagement with masculine-identified youth and adults.

This evidence-informed program supports men, boys, and masculine-identified individuals through weekly talking circles that provide opportunities for fun and deep self-reflection. These simple yet powerful circles address mental health and community violence, making a significant impact on participants' lives.

Group mentoring involves mentors guiding multiple mentees in a structured group setting. In our model, mentors Listen, Encourage, Accept, and Model by example. They facilitate restorative talking circles, fostering growth, leadership skills, self-confidence, and positive peer relationships. This approach establishes norms for healthy behaviors and provides a supportive space for youth to explore their identity and expression.

Initially designed for schools, we now partner with various community organizations to implement this program.

Our data shows that boys and masculine-identified youth who participate in weekly talking circles experience significant improvements in grades, disciplinary referrals, emotional intelligence, emotional and physical well-being, and social skills.

School or Community Based Restorative Talking Circles

Restorative Talking Circles: Structured to enable youth to delve into diverse topics while fostering key skills in communication and self-awareness. These circles aim to cultivate healthy relationships, challenge stereotypes, enhance mutual understanding, and effectively manage conflicts. They provide a supportive environment where young individuals can openly express themselves and listen to others, promoting personal growth and community connection.

Mentors: Men/Masculine-identified individuals who exemplify positive masculinity and are culturally relevant to the youth they are supporting facilitate the circle

Peer Support: Participants share experiences and support one another in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Our Circles are:

  • Held once a week for 1 hour
  • Facilitated by trained and screened mentors (at least 2 mentors per group)
  • Conducted through a trauma-informed lens, recognizing Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adverse Community Environments
  • Participant-driven discussions with topics introduced by facilitators/mentors but guided by the participants

Impact Goals

Individual Impact: Increase social-emotional development, emotional intelligence, empathy, respect for others' boundaries, and non-violent conflict resolution.

Community Impact: Reduced rates of violence, improved mental health outcomes, and increased gender equality.

Our Impact in 2023

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  • Mentors Trained


  • Number of Mentoring Hours Available for Youth


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