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In 2021, We Needed Each Other More Than Ever

2021 was a rebound year for our community. A lot of folks were hurting, and organized community efforts to provide support to one another became more important than ever.

As young people poured back into a stressed school system, they were hungry to find emotionally available, reliable adults to help them process what has been an incredibly difficult experience with COVID-19 and quarantine. Yet many school staff were also dealing with their own trauma and stress. As a result, demand for our school-based mentorship program has been higher than ever before.

Boys to Men Tucson went into overdrive in 2021, as we scrambled staff, volunteers, and other resources to provide a rich and immediate response to the needs of boys and men across Southern Arizona.

The results have been impressive and encouraging, as we have accompanied a major cohort of young men from struggle and isolation to hope and connection. In response, our community showed their gratitude for our work this year by pouring in unprecedented support to this organization so that we can continue to grow and scale our work all across our communities. Together, we are growing an initiative that has the power to transform our city and raise up generations of purposed driven young men.

Visit our impact page to download our full 2021 Annual Impact Report. #annualreport #goals #impact #power #transformation #healing #community #love #nonprofit #storytelling #masculinity #mentalhealth #tucson #tucsonarizona #tucsonaz #arizona

Our Impact in 2023

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