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Frequent Questions

  1. We are in over 20 different schools across southern Arizona. We also have a community based group in Goodwill. It is from 2:30 to 3:30pm every Monday. We also have Adventure outings and Adventure Weekends that are open for any teen boy or masculine identified youth to participate in. For more information, you can email the program manager at

  2. Boys to Men Tucson serves ages ranging from 13-18 years old in our school base groups. Our community based groups can go up to 24 years old.

  3. We have a community based circle at Goodwill located at 1940 E Silverlake rd. It is from 2:30-3:30 every Monday. No registration required to join. You can also reach out to your child’s school administration/school counselor and ask them about the possibilities of starting the program there. We are constantly working with new groups to help them start a weekly Boys to Men circle on-site, and we are thrilled to help you start one in your community.

  4. Unfortunately, no, we only allow our background-checked and trained mentors to sit in on the circle with the boys. It also takes time and trust for the boys to understand the safe container they have within the circle. Having men drop-in to see if they like what we do, can possibly damage that container and the boys may hesitate from being vulnerable and sharing something personal. The best way to find out if this is a good fit is to attend a mentor training.

  5. We typically are with the boys in the schools for 10 weeks out of the semester. Most circles are about an hour long. We ask that mentors meet at least 20 minutes before the start of the circle, and stay for a debrief after the circle. In total, it is about a 2 hour commitment each week.

  6. There are various ways to interact with and mentor boys in the program. Aside from our site-based circles, we also host monthly adventure outings. These outings range anywhere from going for a hike, to a visit to the zoo, to bowling, really anything for us to get the boys together, circle up, do an activity, and circle up again before we head home. Mentors are necessary for us to host these outings. We also have Challenge Adventure Weekends and a Rites of Passage weekend throughout the year. Usually 20-30 men are needed for these, they are overnight outings and come with the benefit of spending a ton of time with the boys and mentors.

  7. Contact our Program Manager, Chris Crull, at . We are glad to do the work in order to get the boys to the outing. Let’s get together and plan something fun!

  8. Yes! We have a variety of volunteers who support our operations behind the scenes. We rely on grants and fundraising in order to fully operate our Non-Profit. If you could help us fundraise in any way that would be greatly appreciated! We take donations in many ways:
    ● The DONATE section on our website that takes any credit card
    ● Arizona Tax Credit
    ● Corporate Sponsorships
    ● Amazon Smile
    ● Golf Tournament Fundraiser

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