Our Programs

The three main elements of Boys to Men Tucson’s group mentoring programs are:

  • School-Based Mentoring (SBM)
  • Adventure Outings (AO)
  • Challenge Weekends (CW)

School-Based Mentoring (SBM) – Regular contact with responsible men helps boys in many ways. In our school groups men help boys develop their general social skills, improve their ability and willingness to work with peers, build their self-esteem, improve their ability to manage anger and conflict, improve their academic performance, lower the frequency of school absenteeism, and increase their understanding of the consequences of their personal decisions.  Learn More about Our School-Based Mentoring

Adventure Outings (AO) – Our adventure outings are a year-round series of fun, educational, and motivational events, both in the greater Tucson community and in surrounding wilderness areas. They provide unique opportunities for young men to learn about collaboration, leadership, and other elements of positive manhood. Events include hikes, sporting events, life skills training, visiting men’s workplaces, service projects and museum visits, etc. Learn More about our Adventure Outings

Challenge Weekends (CW) – These Boys to Men weekends offer extended time with a large group of committed men. The are built around the idea of a modern rites of passage experience for teenage boys. The goal is to provide the boys with a weekend of fun events, challenge activities, and opportunities to consider a variety of important life choices. There is a “line-crossing” ceremony at the end of the weekend designed to mark an intentional stepping away from childhood and in to an intentional quest for a healthy, responsible, and positive manhood in the context of a supportive community. Learn More about our Challenge Weekends