For Men

This is Men’s Work!

At Boys to Men Tucson, we believe that it’s men’s work to mentor, support, and initiate young males as they discover and step on to their path toward manhood. We feel that beyond the powerful influences of good fathering, there are many important and necessary gifts for a boy on this journey that the other men of his “tribe” can offer. We believe ALL boys can benefit from connections to good men, but the need is especially great for those without consistent and positive adult male influences in their lives.

We have learned that spending time with young males is good for the men too. Time and again we’ve seen men move past their fears, step into service, and over time be changed and fulfilled in important ways on their journey to manhood. Connection to the fun, energy, testosterone-fueled competition, and even teenage angst, reconnects men to that time in their adolescent lives and helps them fill in blanks in their masculine identity.

Because we use a group mentoring model, you are never alone. There are always other men there for help, support, and camaraderie. You wouldn’t be reading this if, in some form, you didn’t hear a call to serve boys. So look through our program offerings and see if something sparks your interests.

Here’s a sampling of ways you could step into this wonderful adventure:

  • Come to any of our public events
  • Join on one of our Adventure Outings
  • Take one of our training classes
  • Attend one of our introductory gatherings to meet some of the other BTMT men.
  • Donate to support our work with boys
  • Volunteer for administrative tasks or play a support role.
  • Apply to join our Board of Directors

Use the form below if you want to talk further. IF you take the next step toward us, we believe masculine gravity will take care of the rest.