Boy Testimonials

What Boys Say:

Boys to Men has given a me a group of men I can trust. I know that when I attend a group meeting that we all go through the same problems and that I am not alone. To me Boys to Men is a family that understands and cares.

I used to make fun of everybody and bully them verbally. Boys to men help me learn that I couldn’t change others but I could change myself. I now have a new perspective on life and a new way of thinking.

Before Boys to Men, I didn’t care about anything. Boys to Men gave me a place where I can talk and gave me a place to get help on how to be a better man. This organization means a lot to me.

Boy Scouts tells me how to act and who I should be. Boys to Men allows me to discover who I really am.

My dad’s not around and before I joined boys to men I was a very angry and unhappy person. I didn’t like anybody or anything. Boys to Men helped me let out all my anger I had. To me this organization is a place where people can understand what I am going through.

When my father went to jail, I stopped caring about everything. I stopped caring because I lost the man that taught me everything I know. Boys to Men gives me a place where I can let out my emotions and I can be myself.

Before Boys to Men, I was always angry and I took it out on other kids by fighting them. To me, this is a place where I can talk and not feel judged. I have people to support me and guide me through my problems. Boys to Men truly is a family to me.

Before Boys to Men, I was always getting into fights and making all the wrong decisions. I was headed towards juvenile hall or worse, death. Boys to Men means a lot to me. It is a group of men I can trust.